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Subscription Plans

subscription plan

Navigate the intricacies of Upzilla’s Subscription Plans, designed to cater to the diverse monitoring needs of your digital assets. In this section, explore the flexibility of selecting plans for website monitoring, server monitoring, content monitoring, and additional packages to create a tailored subscription that aligns precisely with your requirements.

For more in-depth information, explore the next sections in our documentation: Features for a detailed breakdown of each capability, User Guides for step-by-step instructions, and FAQ for quick answers to common queries. Dive into the specifics and unlock the full potential of Upzilla for your monitoring needs.

Using the Subscription Plan Calculator

Empowering you to make informed decisions, the Subscription Plan Calculator simplifies the process of selecting plans and additional packages.

Selecting Packages

Navigate through the four sections to choose the number of domains, hosts, or IPs for website monitoring, server monitoring, and content monitoring. Tailor your subscription to your exact specifications.

Additional Packages

Enhance your plan by selecting additional packages such as SMS alerts. Customize your subscription to include the features that matter most to you.


In the preview section, view a comprehensive list of your selected items and their associated costs. Ensure that the chosen packages align with your monitoring needs before finalizing your subscription.


Explore flexibility with the ability to switch between monthly and yearly billing modes. Adjust your preferences to find the most cost-effective and convenient billing cycle for your organization.

Subscription Sections

Website Monitoring

Tailor your plan based on the number of domains you need to monitor. Whether you have one website or a portfolio, Upzilla’s plans accommodate your requirements.

Server Monitoring

Choose the right plan by selecting the number of hosts or IPs you wish to monitor. Ensure the health and performance of your servers with precision.

Content Monitoring

Optimize your content monitoring strategy by selecting the appropriate plan for your specific needs. Whether it’s content availability, load times, or specific content checks, Upzilla has you covered.

Additional Packages

Customize your subscription further by adding supplementary packages, such as SMS alerts. Enhance your monitoring capabilities with these optional features.

Preview and Totals

Before finalizing your subscription, review the Preview section. Ensure that the selected items align with your monitoring requirements and budget. The total cost is clearly outlined, providing transparency and clarity.

Pricing Modes

Toggle effortlessly between monthly and yearly billing modes in the Pricing section. Choose the billing cycle that suits your financial planning and preferences, ensuring flexibility in managing your Upzilla subscription.

Empower your monitoring strategy by choosing the right Subscription Plan and additional packages. Use the Subscription Plan Calculator to align your subscription with your specific needs and optimize your digital asset monitoring with Upzilla.